This is achieved by direct natural stimulation of blood flow within muscle tissues and providing a protective coating for the skin. </p>

Sportsbalm, for the professional and recreational athlete.

Exercise is good for the mind and body, keeping you healthy and in shape. This applies not only to professional but also to recreational athletes. However, smart sporting also requires the appropriate muscle care, improving your body's performance and the “feel good” factor.

Sportsbalm products are constantly developed with the help of professional athletes. Their knowledge of and practical experience in all weather conditions plays a vital role for our scientists, who combine this with their knowledge of muscle behavior and naturally occurring ingredients, enabling them to achieve a unique and balanced product formula.


Sportsbalm has four different
product lines specifically developed for:

  • Cold and wet weather conditions
  • Mild and warm weather conditions
  • Post exercise treatment
  • General bodily care


Sportsbalm basic principals are:

  • Muscle protection and recovery
  • Skin care and skin protection
  • Optimization of blood circulation
  • Optimization of the transport of nutrients and waste products